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 ID#: 1725   Date posted: January 6, 2018;   Expire date: July 5, 2018;             154 visits
Most Vessel Type: Bulk cariier  
Expected Salary: --  
Weight,kg: 55kg  
Height,cm: 170cm  
Sex: Male  
COC Certificate: ATT 3  
City - Country: Indonesia  
Not Specified  
Age: 25-30years  
 Travel dokumen:
Seaman book number A036110 expired 03-05-2019 issued at Jakarta
Passport number A5085147 expired 21-03-2018 issued at Semarang
Certificate of competency:
Engine officer class III number 6201321499S30216
Endorsement management level class III number 6201321499SC0216 issued at jakarta ,07 Nov 2016
Certificate of proficiency:
Basic safety training number 620132149912511
Advanced fire fighting
Medical first aid
Survival craft - rescue board
Medical onboard
Security awareness training
Engine room rescue management
Ship security officer
Record of sea service
MV. Divine success flag Indonesia rank cadet type vessel bulk carrier from 06-05-2013 to 17-06-2014 kW 8963
Mv. Cerdas flag Indonesia rank 4/E type vessel bulk carrier from 12-06-2015 to 27-06-2016 kW 3898
Mv. Cement success flag Indonesia rank 4/E type vessel bulk carrier from 06-01-2017 to 29-08-2017  
Contact Name: Khoirulloh zainudin  
Contact Phone: 08536419334  

Contact e-mail: Privacy Mail

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