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  Safety officer
 ID#: 2026   Date posted: November 3, 2018;   Expire date: May 2, 2019;             112 visits
Most Vessel Type: Safety  
Expected Salary: USD 200 - 300..  
Weight,kg: 65kg  
Height,cm: 79cm  
Sex: Male  
COC Certificate: Engineer Cadet  
City - Country: India  
United Arab Emirates  
Age: 25-30years  
 Hello Sir/Madam I  am Avinash Rathod i have a Bsc science  degree and fire and safety engineering diploma IOSH OSHA  or medical First aid CPR and NEBOSH IGC 1,2,3  ,i have a 3 year working experience in India and still and. I have a one year experience gulf  safety officer  , i would like to improve my skills and knowledge. Expecting a chance to prove to myself with hard work and, dedication and keen interest towards my work. i ensure that i posses all my qualities and skills i required for this job and i put all my efforts for the development of the development of the company, Please give me an opportunity to prove it..Please help me to get a job in your possible wayYou would like to get in touch to discuss my application you  contact us me on this my number   9819676584  i am still working in dubai  as Safety officer or safety engineer  
Contact Name: 919702286776  
Contact Phone: 919920882269  

Contact e-mail: Privacy Mail

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