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Capt. Ananta Gultom

Name   : Capt. Ananta Gultom M.Mar.

AIP/PLAP/STIP  Batch : 24

Address: Kota Wisata – Bogor 16820 – Indonesia

WhatsApp Whatsappand Phone : +62 821 25 339 556 or click here !

Company :Self Employed

CoC :

– MPB III – Class III

– Strata A –  Baccalaureate

– MPB 2 – Class II

– Strata B – Bachelor’s Degree

– ANT I – Class I

– Master Mariner

Experiences :

Self Employed

1. ISTECH RESOURCES ASIA for Medco Energi Internatonal / Client Site Representative

2. SUPRACO PT for ConocoPhillips Indonesia / Client Site Representative

3. SINGGAR MULIA PT for ConocoPhillips Indonesia / Client Site Representative

4. ISTECH RESOURCES for ConocoPhillips Indonesia / Client Site Representative

5. MaestroNet Internet Services / Owner

6. Hagajaya Kemasindo Sarana / Vice President

7. Taruna Cipta Kencana PT / Branch Manager

8. Hyundai Merchant Marine Co.Ltd / Port Captain

9. Aureole Marine Surveyor PT / Marketing Manager

10. Pan Ocean Co.Ltd / Port Captain – Supercargo

11. Various Shipping Company

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